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The Money Stop Pawn Shop and More
Since 1987, the Money Stop was open for business. Check Cashing, Money Orders, Western Union and DMR Tax Service. They offer a wide variety of fine jewelry, consumer electronics, cameras, camcorders, power tools, video games, musical instruments, DVDís & CDís.
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5 Bedroom Single Family Home - $414,900

About Charlton
The Town of Charlton Massachusetts was founded in 1755 and is located in the south-central portion of Worcester County and is less than 50 miles away from Boston.

History of the town includes James Capen Adams also known as "Grizzly Adams" who was one of the last mountain men. Adams spent eight years in the Rocky Mountains. He became a friend and slayer of grizzly bears as well as having several hand to fang encounters with the bears. In 1860 Adams died with his boots on and was buried in the Old Burying Ground in Charlton.

History of the town also includes that of Dr. William Thomas Green Morton whose experiments with ether first made anesthesia possible during surgical operations. Visit the cemeteries for a closer look at both the head stones of Grizzly Adams and Dr. Morton as well as a peek into your own family roots!

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2015 Silver-Kingdom Renaissance Festival
10:30am - 5:00pm Sat.& Sun. Welcome all to our Festival! Bring your family and wash away your stress with good food and drink. Shoppe our many vendors selling hand crafted goods. Enjoy a day of fun and enjoyment at our Faire! Listen to Storytellers spin tales of wonder, or our minstrels music with songs of adventure, Fun and tragedy! Watch our knights battle it out on both foot and horse! With The Silver Knights Jousting Team, Brotherhood of Sword and Bow, and the Talbot Companye! Perhaps seeing the Primrose Pirates would be more to thy fancy or help the Pillage Idiots find their ship. That is, if the Core Thieves are done with it.

When: Aug 15, 2015 10 AM to Aug 16, 2015 5 AMin Charlton, Massachusetts
Cost: 10 - 19 USD (Sat, 15 Aug 2015 10 )

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